Filming Service / Videographer Wanted?

A professional videographer requires a number of skill-sets:
  • Technical knowledge to understand the capabilities of the latest technology that we use.
  • How best to use the technology to meet, and hopefully exceed, the clients brief.
  • To use artistic skills to envisage the clients needs prior to filming.
  • When filming in a live/unscripted environment, to be able to anticipate film-worthy occurrences.
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Why you should book our videographers:

  • The latest digital broadcast quality High Definition cameras are used.
  • Many videographers work part-time. Consequently the quality may be compromised.
    This is particularly important for weddings where there is only one take!
  • We tailor the service to your own needs. This way you don't pay for extras/features/benefits you don't need.
  • Demonstration available
  • Video adventure or ski trip

    How much does a videographer cost?

    Whether you want just a videographer or a complete production service we have very competitive prices.

    For example, an experienced videographer with broadcast quality video camera costs 200 per half day or 320 per day, inclusive of

    • microphones
    • 3 point lighting
    • public liability insurance
    Third party costs, such as travel (if not local) and camera media/tapes are extra.

    What Counties do we cover?

    We are mobile over England / Wales, but typically
    • Bedfordshire,
    • Buckinghamshire
    • Hertfordshire
    • Cambridgeshire
    • London
    • Chilterns
    • M1 Corridor
    Call or us with a note of your needs. Our requirements consultation is free of charge. We're a friendly bunch, so don't worry if your ideas are still 'in the air'.

    Video editing and production

    See our section on Editing and Post Production services

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