A few of Aztec's techniques.

Whatever the subject, at Aztec we immerse ourselves in the subject, often creating special effects to add to the viewer experience.

Creative digital editing is applied for a polished appearance.
Output to DVD with customised menus, video, or Multimedia.

The examples below are from a recent production for Martial Arts World Champion, Chloe Bruce. In sequential order the stills below demonstrate:

  1. Title screens and DVD Chapter points for viewer navigation.
  2. Japanese Doors (sliding open, using graphics) to help convey the setting.
  3. A fan, opening to reveal the trainer - again to help convey the setting.
  4. Dispaly of multiple syncronized cameras to assist the trainee with different perspectives or magnifications of the trainer in acton.

[Video & DVD Production for sport, event, training 1] [Video & DVD Production for sport, event, training 2]

[Video & DVD Production for sport, event, training 3] [Video & DVD Production for sport, event, training 4]

Sport and Events Covered
All sports and activities covered, from field sports to adventure pursuits.
Slow-motion replay, backing sound & commentary accommodated.
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With an experienced skier on board, ski and snow sports videos are undertaken.

[football video production]
Coverage of Sunday league and cup final winners:
Gloucester Arms (Bedford),
managed by West Ham's Calum Davenport
[football and sport dvd]

Documentary and travel video
Adventure / Challenge / Expedition

Are you looking for a cameraman to video your challenge. Someone who is a team player and will muck in.
Then you have probably come to the right place. Call or email our owner, David Smith, for an informal chat.

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[HiDef & Blu-Ray Video Production]
High Definition
Video Production

[Video & DVD Production for sport, event, training 5]