Special effects

...adding pizazz to your production
The creative use of post-production special effects in Video (& DVD) can dramatically heighten the viewers experience.
  • Corporate : Upbeat introduction incorporating company logo.
  • Training : Use of arrows, animation etc to emulate the action/priciple being taught.
  • Music : Being original and different to your predecessors is key to success.
    The imaginative use of effects helps achieve this.
[Post Production Special Effects 1] [Post Production Special Effects 2]

It maybe one of the hundreds of 'stock' effects or a cgi style inspired by your product with professional software skillfully used to give your video media a unique presence or reflect a corporate branding style.

[Corporate CGI 1] [Corporate CGI 2]

With our sophisticated top-end software, combined with our experience, we can reproduce the majority of special effects seen on TV or in a movie.

We can also suggest a few ideas of our own.

These effects can be subtle - the objective is to enhance the viewers experience

[Post Production Special Effects 3] [Post Production Special Effects 4]
Use of Chroma Key - Invisible background
This is the same technique as used for presenting the weather. By using a blue or green room/background, virtual studios and special effects can be created.

[Post Production Special Effects 5] [Post Production Special Effects 6]
Your wish is our command
If the effect you want has not previously been defined - not a problem. We also write computer programs for special effects.

If you can describe what you want, it can probably be accommodated, often at little cost. Unfortunately this excludes building 1.5 miles of 'real' road for a 'Matrix' style chase sequence.

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