Music Video Production

What's involved?

Making a music video may require input from:

  • Sound studio
  • Artiste(s)
  • Marketing/Promotion Managers
  • Director, producer and video production team
  • Lighting engineers(s)
  • Make-up, hairstylist, costume, props
... you get the idea.

If you are commissioning a video for the first time, see our informative guide.

The showreel below, with a few examples of our work, is optmized for >700 mbps connection speed and requires activeX to be enabled on your browser.

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Our latest productions
See stills taken from our recent Music Video shoots.

[Music Video Documentary with E17]
Brian Harvey of E17 in collaboration with UK King
[Music Video Profile featuring E17]
Creative ideas
Music Video production is about having original ideas to showcase your talents. Bringing them to fruition means getting the right balance between budget and quality for the intended market.
Our producer, David Smith, uses 25 years experience in video to deliver creative results.

Project management
Much effort and money is put into one or more filming days, so it is essential to have good and reliable team-members, good communication and project management.

Aztec Video & Multimedia can contribute to concept ideas, script, special effects, post production and project management. Other aspects are typically arranged by the Client or brought in specifically.

Lean and mean
Our operation as a music video creator is lean and mean.

Located in the Bedfordshire countryside (10 minutes from M1 J12) with low overheads. Although we are a professional unit, we do it for pleasure, which is hopefully reflected in our approach and results.

Ready to turn your dreams and ideas into reality?
Email to us your track (e.g. mp3) and text file(s) containing:

  1. The lyrics
  2. Your concept ideas
  3. The purpose of the video
    (DVD, TV submission, showreel for club circuit?)
  4. The budget available
  5. Is the above budget to also cover cost of premises hire (studio / location / performance venue etc)
  6. Brief description of the band members and what instruments they play on the track.
  7. Your contact details
With an understanding of your requirements, we will reply offering a service tailored to your needs. This ensures the budget is used to maximum benefit.
Your first consultation is free of charge.

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