[ipod] In a world of ever-new technology we provide solutions for provision of video media.
Example applications of our multimedia productions include:
  • Web (Stream or download including web adverts)
  • Intranet
  • 3G / Video Phone
  • iPod
  • IPTV
  • New Media

So how does multimedia content differ from other video?

There are 2 aspects to this process.

Media use / platform
There are a myriad of different video file formats (and codecs within them).
They each have different merits, such as:

  • Speed of transmission
  • Small file size
  • Some more efficient for animation
  • Better for action/sport sequences
  • Apple mac / PC compatibility
  • etc etc
The differing formats keep a balance between quality and the capability of the users equipment.
MPEG is one of the better-known examples.

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Screen Size
The second aspect is screen size.
Although 'big screens' are becoming ever popular, display areas on pc's media players, video phones and the like can be small. As small as 30mm by 20mm! With such a small area it is important to make the most of it. Aztec does this by using a number of editing techniques to enhance the subject size within the display area.

That's enough technical talk. As specialists, Aztec can provide files tailored to your particular multimedia usage.

Free requirements consultation

Whether you are considering video or DVD for training, health and safety or any other purpose we provide a free requirements consultation to discuss your needs. Typically, you are an expert in your field, but you are not up to-date with:
  • How video can be used to its maximum benefit
  • The methodology and resources required to produce video media
  • Which video format(s) to use - tape, DVD or multimedia. (See our section on formats for the advantages of each)

Client Guide to Commissioning a Video
See our informative guide if you are new to video production.
This also outlines some of the associated costs.

Using video as a web marketing tool
Video content is now frequently used in web viral marketing where clever and / or entertaining content is circulated in email links, forums and blogs.

More famous or infamous examples include the Paris Hilton Video and Pamela Anderson tapes. That probably isn't your sector, but this demonstrates the snowballing reach and power of the web, whether you wish to promote a product, service or music video.


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