Digital conversion of Video & MiniDV to DVD, Video and Multimedia

For business / commercial requirements, please refer to Filming / Editing
Free benefits:-
Free library case(s)
Free titles - Let us know what titles you want and where they are to go.
Free personalized title and images on the library case(s). Images taken from video content.
Free personalized DVD/video label(s).
Prices for copying - including cost of media
Video & MiniDV to DVD and VHS Video
Output Up to 1 hour Up to 2 hours
No. copies DVD
1 35 48 30 49 78 45
2 50 60 45 79 90 75
3 65 72 60 102 102 90
4 80 84 75 114 114 105
>4 Phone for best prices
P&P per order for DVD and Video (unless collected)
P&P 6
Example. 1 * 1 hour MiniDV converted to 2 copies of DVD +RW and 1 copied to VHS Video (50 + 30 + 6) total 86
The high quality of MiniDV (also known as Digital tape and Mini DV)
MiniDV camcorder tape offers very high quality - exceeding that of VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS and Hi8. To watch the content, this is commonly transferred onto Video and DVD.
Video gives a good picture - probably better than terrestrial TV reception, but DVD offers much superior quality - you don't have to look hard at the results to appreciate the difference.
You may still want a copy on video for those friends who don't yet have a DVD player.
Conversion Services
We provide a range of services for MiniDV conversion, copying and editing.
Your choice as to which is the cheapest or best option is influenced by a few of your requirements.
  1. The number of hours of MiniDV tape you have.
  2. If choosing DVD, which format of DVD you would like.
    The formats are: +R, +RW, -R and -RW.
    Not sure which format? Either consult your dealer, visit www.dvdrhelp.com or call us with a note of the make and model of your DVD player.
  3. How many copies of video or DVD you would like.
  4. Whether editing is required. We cater for straightforward cuts of unwanted material in its simplest form to complex post-production special effects.
Everyone has slightly differing requirements, but the chart below will serve as a reference point. We don't charge for options you don't need, so, if your requirements differ call or email for our competitive prices.
You can have editorial control
Once the media has been transferred to the digital editing suite, you are welcome to visit and give input on what to include/exclude, the sequence the clips are to be shown in etc etc.
Alternatively you may put an 'edit decision list' to us in writing.

Output media
The results can be put onto DVD, Video and multimedia.
If DVD is chosen
Our digital processes ensure the DVD's are recorded at the highest quality. In addition, DVD is often favoured for its longer life expectancy than video. It is also quicker to navigate via the menu and controls of your DVD player.
Sound track
There is wide scope for sound to be added, either music or narration. Just let us know your wishes. You can even narrate your own and send it in 'wav' format on a CD. Please don't email it.
Delivery to us
Please telephone 01525-715707 before visiting to ensure someone is available to check-in your media and ensure we are able to process your request in an acceptable time.
Turn round is typically 10 days from date of receipt. Please advise us of any deadline.
If you post your media, please satisfy yourself as to the reliability and insurance of the service/courier used.

Address: 14, Tyburn Lane, Pulloxhill, Bedfordshire, MK45 5HG
Map of Studio location (See arrow)
Cheques made payable to: Aztec Video & Multimedia

Return to you
If you request postal return, this is done in two stages to reduce risk.
  1. The original media is returned.
  2. Following your confirmation of receipt, the video / DVD media is dispatched.
Any Questions?
Just email or give us a call. We're a friendly bunch, focused on providing on what you want.

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