How much does producing a video cost?
Commissioning a Video Production

We are frequently asked
'How much does a video production cost?'

[How long is a piece of string - answered]

Other than an unhelpful 'How long is a piece of string' it's not quick to answer, so an informative guide had been written to assist those planning to commission a video.

Download guide aztec_client_guide1.pdf
(pdf document - 105KB)

Commissioning a video can be intimidating the first time, not because it's complicated, but because you are not familiar with the different aspects.

Budgeting cost

'How much?' is frequently asked.
As you expect, every project is different, so this document outlines the cost structure.

After reading the guide, our 'packages' page provides indicative costings.

Planning and co-ordination of production
Typically the Client is an expert in his/her field, but is new to video production.
Aztec Video & Multimedia, in addition to video production skills, have experience in other business sectors.

By establishing good communication between the Client and Aztec, we can work towards a high quality end product in conjunction with the available budget.

Your questions

We look forward to hearing from you, via phone or email, to assist with your thoughts, ideas and questions.

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