Stills from recent shoots .. a behind the scenes look:

Promo shoot for south coast band 'Covered', filmed at Scream Studios, Brighton
Music Video Profile for UK King in collaboration with E17
[East 17 UK King 1] [East 17 UK King 2] [East 17 UK King 3]
Trevor Holliday of Slade pops in to say hello during shoot for 'The culprits' Music DVD shoot
[The Culprits]
Music Video for 'Gospel Stomp' featuring 'Gospel Generalz'
[music video 1] [music video 2] [music video 3]
[music video 4] [music video 5] [music video 6]
[music video 7] [music video 8] [music video 9]
B2B presentation at Pinewood studios for video phones
Photo's courtesy of Vision Fantasia.
[corporate video presentation 1] [corporate video presentation 2] [corporate video presentation 3]
[corporate video presentation 4] [corporate video presentation 5] [corporate video presentation 6]
Music Video for 'Push it'
[music dvd 1] [music dvd 2] [music dvd 3]
[music dvd 4] [music dvd 5] [music dvd 6]
[music dvd 7] [music dvd 8]

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