DVD, Video & CD.
Duplication and Manufacture

DVD Duplication - for less than 1000 units
DVD Manufacture - for 1000 plus units inclusive of colour label printing and laminated coating
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Pro's and cons of the different media formats.
DVD authoring.
DVD Duplication and manufacture. Prices per unit.
DVD Duplication < 100 100 plus
Duplicate £phone £1.29
On body printing:
Full colour and laminated coating
£0.67 £0.55
DVD Manufacture. 1000 plus 5000 plus
Includes full colour on body printing and laminated coating £1.05 £phone
DVD Postage (unless collected): £10 per 100 units. £100 minimum order.
USB Flash Memory Drives

Our range of flash USB drives are constantly changing in style and choice of colours.

Capacity is also always on the increase. We are also able to offer personalised USB Flash memory sticks printed with your company logo and contact information.

Prices are constantly changing for USB flash memory sticks, so please contact us to ensure you get the best deal.

Please advise:

  • Number required
  • Data capacity
  • Printing required (if any)
  • Any style preferences

Video Duplication
PAL VHS Duplication prices
CD Replication and pressed. Prices per unit.
CD -R Replication < 200 500 plus
£1.50 £1.00
Pressed CD 1000 plus 5000 plus
£0.75 £0.50
CD Postage: £10 for first 200 units, £7 per each subsequent 200 (or part)thereafter. £100 minimum order.
There are a wide range of optional extras. Such items include
  • Label printing, Black or full colour.
    All artwork to be supplied in PC format as a JPEG or a TIFF at 300 DPI.
  • Laminate label coating
  • Cases, single, double, wallets..etc
DVD,VHS Video & CD Duplication overview
Any Questions?
Just email or give us a call. We're a friendly bunch, focused on providing on what you want.

Delivery to us
Typical turnaround from date of receipt (and cleared funds):
Duplication - 10 days
Manufacture / pressing - 15 days.

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