DVD,VHS Video & CD Duplication overview
The market changes from week to week, but generally costs for DVD are reducing and VHS Video are comparatively stable (and used much less).

Having produced a 'master' video/DVD, you will want to know

Unit cost for reproduction, replication and duplication.

See price chart

The unit cost of each media type is dictated by a number of factors.

For the current price, either call us or us with the following details.

  1. The length (minutes) of the source video material.
  2. The number of units required.
  3. The required turnaround time.
  4. What type of case / packaging is preferred
  5. Whether artwork is required for sleeves & cases. If so, please give details and whether colour / monochrome etc.
  6. What format the 'master' copy is in.
As prices change so quickly, we cannot guarantee to be the cheapest, but typically are.

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