DVD Authoring and menu structures

Our DVD authoring services enables your production to have custom-built DVD menus.
Menu buttons
The appearance, size and shape of menu buttons are tailored to your specific requirements.
The buttons can also be animated onto the screen.

Menu structure
Many menus and sub-menus can be incorporated on the same DVD.

Automation is also accommodated. For example:

  • Automatically start playing if no user selection is made within 10 seconds.
  • Loop (endless) playing for demonstration DVD's.

Example 'Main Menu' leading to Sub menus:
[Home Brew DVD Main Menu]
[Digital] [Home Brew DVD Sub Menu 1]
[Digital] [Home Brew DVD Sub Menu 1]
[Digital] [Home Brew DVD Sub Menu 1]
Menu background
This can comprise of an image of your choosing, provided by you or constructed as required.
DVD menu backgrounds don't have to be static - they themselves can display video.
Perhaps you would like your company logo animated in the background?

Add alternative sound tracks and sub-titles to cater for various languages.
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