Training / Education costs too high?

[Training DVD for Vauxhall Head Office] DVD/Multimedia/Video offers many benefits:
  • Presence of high costing instructor is not required
  • Different visualization techniques cater for trainees differing assimilation preferences
  • It may be stopped, paused, replayed at a place and time of the viewers own choosing
  • Trainees are usually more receptive to multimedia than reading a manual

For Sport training - see Sport / Events

Health and Safety

Health & safety issues are a constant concern. Education of employees is increasingly important, to ensure Government legislation is adhered to. A reduced accident rate and safer work-place has multiple benefits:
  • Reduced leave due to injury etc.
  • Reduced need for replacement/agency staff to cover for absent staff.
  • Avoiding escalation of insurance premiums
Video training is an invaluable tool to the Health and Safety Officer. However, it is only effective when the content is up to date. You may already have a video/CD/DVD, but it is now 'stale'.

[knife_trans1] [knife_trans2] [knife_trans3]

Aztec Video offers you the chance to keep your training current. By building a 'source' library of the different component parts of the training, it means the training material can easily be updated, without having to redo unchanged aspects.

As always there is the choice of formats - VHS tape, DVD and multimedia.

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[Vauxhall Motors safety video] Nigel Brown
Vauxhall Motors Head Office

Re Safety Video

Dear David
Thanks to you too not only for your prompt and efficient attention but in making it a positive and enjoyable experience for all of us.
Mr Delderfield stated we had collectively exceeded his expectations and this was in no small part due to your input.
Again, thanking you for your efforts and wishing you all success in the future.

[Shire Foundation training media] Julie
The Shire Foundation

Re Production of video media
for Teacher Training

Hi David
Thanks again for your great work. We hope to be able to involve you in other projects in the future.
[Vegetable Seeds Promotional Video] Ben Heaton

Re 'Knowledge Day' event
Promotional video media

Hi David
Very happy with the vids. Great job!

[Autoglass® communication video media] Kieran Young
Internal Communications Coordinator

Re Communication video media

Hi David
You offer a great service at a great price, and a pleasure to work with.
[Electrolux corporate video] Ben Packman
Electrolux Professional Limited

Re Corporate video media

Hi David, Video looks brilliant!
[EDF Man web video conference seminar] L on behalf of EDF Man
Commodity Provider

Re Communication / Seminar video
for distribution to overseas offices

David,I have just finished viewing the DVD. Very good production!
I particularly like the editing of the second Q&A session where there was enthusiastic participation from the audience.
[schering-plough logo] Pamela Pirrit
Training Manager
Schering-Plough UK

Re Training video

I got back from holiday yesterday and have now seen the DVD which looks excellent, thank you.
[vauxhall] Ian Smith
Vauxhall Motors Ltd

Re Training DVD

My boss is over the moon...
[vision_fantasia_set] Dan Powell
Vision fantasia

Re B2B presentation of Video Phone service

Thank you for the excellent production of our video. We have all been very impressed with the outcome and grateful to be able to broadcast it during the launch phase via 3G handsets.
Photo courtesy of Vision Fantasia.
[hofmann] James Boon
Managing Director
Hofmann Megaplan

Re Production of Promotional DVD

Thanks David its been a real pleasure, you did a great job and if you ever need a testimonial for any other potential customers just let me know.
We will be speaking again though.
[bernard] Darren Oliver of
Rock Band 'Bernard'

Regarding fast turnaround DVD duplication

Your speed has been astounding and on behalf of the entire band I would like to thank you for your help and amazing service.
[pauljohnstone logo] Paul Johnstone
Public Relations Consultant

Re Public Relations video media

Kindest thanks for all your time and professionalism to help make our project a big success!
[linpac_logo] Tony Bishop
LINPAC Automotive

Re Safety Video / DVD

.. it went down a storm!
[HiDef Video Production]
High Definition
Video Production

Tired of repeating yourself?
Then why not do so at the touch of a button?

Absolutely Awesome ! I could not have imagined it to be better! I think the whole thing is absolutely brilliant.- Dan Powell, on video menu content incorporating special effects for launch of new mobile video phone service

[aztec cameraman]
[Microphone] [Digital]
[convert] [convert]
[convert] [convert]
[ipod, 3g phone and multimedia] [DVD]