How To Increase Your Sales
Reduce Your Overheads

There is no catch, it is purely down to maximizing use of current resources.
Download the spreadsheet aztec_sales1.xls ('Microsoft Excel' document - 21KB) for the basis of the figures.
This can be amended to reflect your own potential.

Current scenario?
Sales team are un-productive whilst:

  • Driving to/from prospective customer - particularly on congested roads
  • Upon arrival at customer location, waiting to see their contact.
  • Establishing a dialogue - discussing the weather or last night's football.
  • Conveying verbally your company's history, ethos, product range, manufacture process, delivery mechanism and after-sales assistance.
  • Providing a limited insight into your company via literature.
After such a sales pitch, the customer must then decide whether your company can provide the required product, quality and after-sales support that is required.

Alternative scenario:
Potential customers are sent a DVD (or email link to multimedia), demonstrating:

  • How your products are made / service given.
  • The skills used in the design and production stages
  • The various functions within your premises. (Design, Testing, Packaging, Help Line, Technical Support, Sales, Despatch, Management Team etc)
  • Existing customers buying and using your product.
  • Past achievements and corporate philosophy.
This will convey to your prospective customers, the size, scale, quality and status of your company, along with the skills and professionalism of your staff.
Whilst salesmen/women all differ, Video will give a prepared message consistently each and every time, at a time and place of the customers own choosing.
When a customer is selecting a supplier, the 'feel good' and confidence factors are key to closing the sale, rather than cost. Video is therefore an ideal marketing tool at your company's disposal.
This, of course, is not a substitute for the salesman's one to one approach. However, it will mean:
  • A percentage of sales leads will be established purely through receipt of the video, without the salesman's presence and time.
  • Where a salesman's visit/call is subsequently made, his time will be more effective as
    • He will not have to spend time on what has already been conveyed on the video.
    • The customer will be more familiar with your business and time can be focused on closing the sale.
    • The customer's response rate can reasonably be expected to be 50% higher.
  • Post-viewing, the DVD may well be passed on to third parties by the customer, generating yet more sales.

Annual saving
The huge annual saving shown on the spreadsheet is purely based on the salesman's salary/commission and hasn't even included:

  • The sales generated directly from the video (e.g. without the salesman's follow-up visit) and the profit from increased turnover.
  • The additional costs of the salesman's administration, pension, company car, year-end bonus, sickness, training days etc.

Your questions
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