Get noticed with a DVD Showreel!

Casting is about finding the right person with the right skills at the right time.
Casting directors don't just rely on a C.V. to identify suitable candidates.
They need to see and hear the artiste in question, to know they have the right mix of skills and attitude for a particular role.
Traditionally, this had been accomplished by assessment at an audition.

DVD Showreel

By having a DVD showreel, this improves your chances for:
  • Being selected to attend an audition
  • Being short-listed / selected at an audition
  • Possibly even being selected without having to attend an audition.

The DVD Showreel content
It will contain clips of various skill sets particular to you. Such as acting, dancing and singing. Within each skill set, different styles can be displayed.

  • Reading a script with different regional / foreign accents. Or differing moods - sensitivity, aggression, indifference
  • Acting a part as different ages or personal characteristics - shy, outgoing, aloof and so on.
  • Dancing - In the style of Folk, Ballet, Classical, Club etc
If you already have a portfolio of extracts from past performances on video, this may also be included (subject to consent from any copyright owners).

[Miss England 2011 Contestant - Malin]

Miss England Contestant 2011

'Want to say a
massive thank you
for the DVD...'

Call received at 2pm with request to shoot and edit a showreel for submission within 24 hours as a Miss England Finalist.

By midnight - video shot, edited and put onto DVD. It's fun to rise to a challenge, though more planning and preparation is the norm.

How is the DVD Showreel used?

The DVD showreel may be circulated to casting directors and other potential employers. On perusal of your skill sets they can decide if you may be suitable for the role. This would likely proceed to a traditional audition.

Not suited to the role? Not to worry
Firstly you haven't wasted your time attending a role for which you are not suited.
Secondly, the Director may like your portrayal of other skills/styles and will consider you for other parts.

At traditional auditions, you, as a person, may only exist in the Casting Directors mind for the time that you are face to face with him / her.
With a DVD showreel, you always have a presence there. Next week/month, they will likely have further roles to fill. They can then further review the DVD showreel of you.

How much does it cost?

This is purely down to how long the filming would take to demonstrate your skill sets and the subsequent editing.

Showreel Duplication
Duplicates of the Master DVD are then done on your behalf. The cost of duplicating is dependent upon how many you wish to distribute.

To proceed
Contact us and let us know:

  • Your email address
  • Your telephone no(s)
  • The skill sets you wish to portray
  • A little about yourself, your ambitions, where you are in the entertainment industry and the type of roles you seek.
The Video Producer will then contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail and book the shoot in line with agreed budget.

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