The Meaning of Life...
... how we came about

In the beginning...

In 1984 a friend bought a JVC camcorder as used by Michael J. Fox in 'Back to the future' . I was so hooked by its capabilities I bought a full size VHS camcorder. It was so big, I would often be asked 'What TV station are you from?'.

As the years went by I received video shoot requests by recommendation. I built my own editing deck and enjoyed making videos of Adventure Treks and Ski holidays.

On location, On vacation

Within 24 hours of my first visit to America I had taken part in a sci-fi movie and had my Video camera stolen, not 20 yards from a 'Baywatch' tower!

Back to the present

To pursue my passion for videography, my computing career provided the capital base to set up Aztec video & multimedia and focus on what I enjoy. I now run a digital video production studio using the latest 'top end' equipment - including High Definition cameras.


My background consists of:
(Please don't add up the years - I'm not that old - some experience was concurrent)

Larger shoots require skills in project management, risk management and logistics. Past experience in these areas again complement business needs.

With application of these skill-sets, overheads are minimized, with savings passed on to the client.

My ethos in life, apart from a great sense of humour, is to treat others as I would wish to be treated myself. My satisfaction comes from being creative in achieving impact for the viewer.

So e-mail or call today to discuss your requirements. You won't regret it!

David Russell Smith

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